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At Community First, our goal is to make the UNF experience the best not only for students, but for parents too. With access to a full-service branch conveniently located on the UNF campus, online banking, over 300,000 fee-free ATMs, and much more; Community First gives you the true experience we know you need and deserve as a busy college student. We understand that college is hard, whether you’re a student or parent– which is why we’re here every step of the way. So, Swoop On in and get started with your very own Osprey account.

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Branch Information:

Campus ATMs:

  • ATM | Cash Dispenser | Arts & Sciences | Building 8 | 1 UNF Dr.
  • ATM | Cash Dispenser | Student Union | Building 58W | 1 UNF Dr.
  • ATM | Cash Dispenser | Osprey Clubhouse | Building 17 | 1 UNF Dr.

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