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Info 24

Your account information is only a phone call away with Info 24.

Download Info 24 Wallet Menu   Info 24: 904.371.8000

Even though our branch locations observe regular business hours, Community First can provide you with detailed account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members can access Info 24, our automated telephone teller service, to check balances, transfer money from one account to another, receive account history, verify the status of a check and much, much more.

To use Info 24 you will need

A touch-tone phone
Your four-digit Access Code
Your base Community First account number
The Service Codes -  Download Info 24 Wallet Menu

Please note: Dollar amounts are entered without decimals. Example: $1,000.25 would be entered as 100025#. The "#" sign is used when prompted.

Remember to change your access code using 74# during your first phone call to Info 24.