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Budget and Financing Tool

Do you ever wish you could track your spending online? How about categorize your transactions so you can see just how much money you’re spending on things like food, gas, or entertainment? Now you can! Our Online Banking platform now supports a Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool. Learn more about this tool, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions, below.

What is the Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool?

Our budget and finances feature allows you to track your spending with a fully interactive, real-time updating dashboard for all of your shares and categorizes transactions for easy budget creation. You can also set spending targets so you can track variable expenses, track monthly cash flow, establish savings goals, determine net worth, and much more.

Who is eligible to use the PFM tool? Any of our members who have personal and/or business accounts are eligible to use this tool.

How do I set up the PFM tool?

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Desktop: Select any of the five widgets across the top of the homepage.
    Mobile: Select Financial Tools, then click on Budget or Spending.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions.

Note: All functionality available on the desktop PFM tool is also available via mobile—with the exception that only the Budget and Spending widgets have been optimized for smartphones.

How far back does transaction history categorization go? PFM will categorize six months of transaction history upon enrollment.

What are widgets and what kinds are available?

Widgets are data visualization tools within PFM; they allow you to easily access specific information about your finances.

Available widgets include:

  • Spending: See how you’re spending money in a visual representation. This widget displays all of the existing categories of spending for the time period displayed and allows you to interact with the transaction list to modify categorization for accuracy and personal preference. 
  • Budgets: Track your monthly finances by adding targets to help you better manage your expenses. This widget offers two options for generating a new budget: system-generated and user-created. 
  • Net Worth: Sum up your assets and debts and view pie charts to see how funds are allocated. This widget displays your share within your account and provides you with another view into your finances and financial health.
  • Trends: Track your habits even further to see how you spend your money over time. This widget is especially useful if you are tracking a particular category of spending, such as eating out, and want a high-level view of the impact of your efforts.
  • Debts: Lets you see all your debts at once to gauge how additional payments or payoffs affect your finances. This widget presents you with a list of liabilities available in the system in one central view.

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