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Easily manage your Community First Credit Cards

Our new Credit Card experience now gives you access to view your credit card eStatements, make payments, set up alerts and controls, and other great features to help you manage your Community First Credit Cards. You can access this page through your Online and Mobile Banking app, allowing you to manage your credit cards where you want when you want.

First Time Registration Guide | eStatement Enrollment Guide
Additional Cards Guide | Payments Guide

Access your credit card information in 3 easy steps:

You will need to run through a brief registration process to access our new credit card experience. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Select your credit card from the home screen within Online Banking or Mobile Banking
  3. Complete your one-time enrollment process. How you enroll will change depending on whether you are currently enrolled in our Card Services App. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll get access to our brand-new credit card experience!

First Time Enrollment

Card Services Users

Business Credit Card Holders

Other Great Credit Card Tools

  • Enroll and access credit card eStatements.
  • Manage multiple credit cards from one place.
  • Set up new alerts and controls for more control over your spending.
  • View transaction history, including pending and posted transactions.
  • Dispute a transaction. Initiate a transaction dispute right from the transaction history page.
  • Make a Payment. Enjoy the ability to make credit card payments from your Community First.
  • checking account or a checking account at another financial institution.
  • Report a card lost or stolen.
  • Complete a balance consolidation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a payment in the new credit card experience?
    Use this guide for instructions on how to make a payment.
  • If I have more than one credit card with Community First, can I see both cards on the credit card page?
    Yes you can! Use this guide for instructions on adding additional cards.
  • How do I complete enrollment for Credit Card eStatements?
    Use this guide for instructions on how to enroll for Credit Card eStatements.
  • How long are eStatements available?
    eStatement history is stored for 24 months after enrollment.
Rev. 4.23