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uChoose Rewards® Program

A rewards program that’s based on making it as easy as possible for you to earn and redeem points. Once you've saved up enough points, you can then choose from millions like travel, electronics, clothing, gift cards  and more. Simply register your Platinum Visa Rewards Credit Card by clicking the button below and get started earning points today. uChoose Rewards is also available on debit cards linked to an Advantage Checking or Bonus Debit Checking account.

Register now for uChoose Rewards

Watch your points add up fast by earning several ways!

•  Earn 1 point per $5 every time you use your Community First debit card and earn 1 point per $1 every time you use your Community First Platinum VISA® Rewards credit card. 

•  Plus, you’ll earn additional points when you shop at retailers participating in the program.

Spend points when you shop online

Gift cards – Use your points to get gift cards to use at your favorite retailers. Use them yourself or give them as gifts.

Products – Redeem your points for millions of products, from electronics and housewares to books, clothing, jewelry, and more.

Activities – Treat yourself to a spa treatment, an outdoor adventure, a culinary experience, or visit a park or attraction in the US or around the world.

Event tickets – Redeem your rewards points for tickets to sporting events, concerts, theater productions, and more.


What is uChoose Rewards®?
A rewards program where you earn points every time you use your Community First debit or credit card and sign for your purchases. You can also earn additional points for shopping at participating retailers with your card. Redeem your points for anything of your choice from a vast online rewards catalog.

How do I get started?
To register your account(s), visit, click on the Register link, and then create your own User ID and password to access the system. If you report your card lost or stolen, or obtain a new card number for any reason, you must register your replacement card to earn or redeem points.

How do I earn points?
You earn points every time you use your VISA® debit or credit card for your signature based purchases and additional points for shopping at participating retailers, whether it’s in-store at national or local retailers or online through When shopping in-store, select credit and sign for your purchases.

Where can I earn points?
Everywhere your card is accepted and you can earn additional points by shopping at participating retailers. View a complete list of participating retailers at

What can I redeem my points for?
It’s your choice! You can choose from millions of options, whether it’s products, travel experiences, activities, event tickets, merchant gift cards or more!

We keep track of all the points you earn and will help you find just what you’re looking for when you’re ready to redeem.  We even have a wish list that will help you track when you’ve earned enough to redeem a specific item.

How much does it cost to participate?
There’s no cost. Membership in uChoose Rewards® is absolutely free for Community First cardholders, so start shopping and earning today.

Can I add joint owners to my uChoose account?
All cards within an account can be linked to earn points together. If you have additional debit cards within the same account, you can link them together to earn rewards faster.  Just go to the Profile page and click on Link Another Account to Your Program.