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Experience the ultimate debit and credit card app

We have created an innovative card services app that puts you in control. You’ll have access to advanced technology that lets you freeze your card, set up alert notices, make payments, and much more from anywhere you are.

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Card Services Quick Reference Guide  | Community First Card Services App Enrollment

Features of the app include:

View transaction history

View your pending and posted transactions.

Card freeze

Freeze your card by turning it on or off at any time within the app.

Report your card lost or stolen

Whether you lost your card or suspect it was stolen, you can report it and request a new one.

New card activation

Activate your new credit card in minutes, just follow our easy instructions in the app.

Travel notifications

Set travel notifications on-the-go for domestic or international travel


Setup alerts for specific transactions, locations, merchant types, and even spending limits.


Card controls

Choose which merchant types your card can be used at, control where your card is approved by location and even set spending limits.

Make a payment

You’ll have the ability to make payments from your Community First checking account or checking account at another financial institution.

Dispute transactions

Initiate a transaction dispute right from the transaction history.