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At Community First, we want to provide local business owners in Jacksonville with the best possible experience. If you own a small business or you’re thinking about starting one, consider Community First. We have a dedicated team of business lending experts, relationship managers, and in-branch specialists ready to support you and help you make your dreams come true. Although we can tell you many of our success stories, we thought it would mean more coming from our business banking members themselves. Below are just a few testimonials in which local, small business owners discuss their relationship with Community First.

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John D. Verville, D.D.S. | Owner, Dr. John D. Verville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

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"One of the most valuable things that Community First gives me is peace of mind, knowing that I can pick up the phone, I can deal specifically with one person -- or any other issues, I know I'll be in good hands."

Dr. Verville is the owner of  Dr. John D. Verville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Fleming Island. He became a business member in April 2013. Before coming to Community First, Dr. Verville had his business account at a well-known regional bank. The bank had plenty of resources, but Dr. Verville needed and wanted something more. In the near future, Dr. Verville anticipates that he will need an equipment loan, and feels confident that Community First will be there to help him. Read Dr. Verville's full story to learn more about why he ultimately decided to make the switch to Community First. 

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"Community First has provided a single banker who has taken the time to establish a relationship with me. I've never had a banker in my building, period, until Community First came along. And I didn't know those kind of relationships were even possible."

Attorney Scott Fortune runs his own law firm, Fortune Law, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Since 2014, Scott has been very pleased with the breadth of commercial services that Community First offers, including a refinanced commercial mortgage, business line of credit, and business auto loan. Although he has enjoyed several of our products and services, it's something more that keeps him here. Read Scott's full story to learn more about the personal relationship he has with Community First. 

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Greg Gause | Owner, Advantage Plumbing

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"Community First has always been great to work with. Whenever I go into a branch, all the employees are very helpful. They know who I am -- I’m not just another person coming through the door."

Greg Gause has been a long-time Community First member. In fact, he became a member in the 1970s when we were still known as Duval County Teachers Credit Union. Greg held his business accounts with another financial institution in the past, but when Community First opened its Commercial Lending department in 2004, he switched his accounts over to us so that he could have both his personal and business accounts under the same roof. Since then, Greg has utilized most of our business products and service offerings to help his business grow.

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Dr. Michael Willens | CEO & Medical Director, Advanced Pain Management Clinic

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"Anytime I have a financial question, I can immediately call someone at Community First who I know and trust and get a real answer."

Dr. Michael Willens was renting an office space near Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, but as his business grew, he needed a larger space with more visibility. He always wanted to buy property in the Mandarin area, specifically near the intersection of San Jose Boulevard and Interstate 295, so he decided to purchase two acres of land in the area. “Originally, I just wanted an office for myself,” Willens said, “I just wanted a small office, but because it was such a large piece of property, I had to figure out what the best way to utilize the property was.” That’s when Willens contacted Community First.

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Wayne Terry | President, PuroClean Emergency Services

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"Community First listens to you and understands what your needs are. They look deeply into the situation and try to come up with a way to make it work."

Wayne Terry once used a large, national bank for his business banking needs, but wanted to transition to a local bank. As luck would have it, one of our Business Lending Officers, John Keeley, was visiting with an insurance agent across the street from Wayne's former office building. The insurance agent encouraged John to visit his neighbor Wayne at PuroClean Emergency Services, so John did just that. After their initial meeting, it didn't take long for Wayne to make the switch to Community First. 

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