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Minimize time, expense and risk.

By discontinuing paper checks in favor of our online payment processing solutions, you can save money for your business, maximize security, and bring in receivables even faster.

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ACH Payments and ACH Collections allow you to send or receive money quickly and securely. With ACH Payments you can easily pay vendors, employees, or invoices, and you indicate when you want them to receive the funds. ACH Collections which deducts payments electronically from your customers’ bank accounts through the national Automated Clearing House (ACH). But even better than that, you initiate the transaction, making it ideal for managing when payments occur.

With ACH Payments and ACH Collections, you’ll enjoy:

  • Better cash flow forecasting and payment accuracy
  • Faster access to customer payments through quick ACH payment processing
  • Lower fees for ACH transactions compared to wire transfers or paper checks
  • Better credit management with faster identification of problem accounts

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