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Identity Theft

The potential risk of identity theft is literally everywhere. At Community First, we will do as much as we can to protect your financial information.

Here are steps you can take to further protect yourself:

Consider not sharing so many personal details on social media

Details you put in your profile, such as your date of birth, hometown, where you work, might provide fraudsters with the information they need to gain access to your account. Update your privacy settings from time to time on social media accounts you frequently use. Sometimes their privacy settings change on you, which can leave you more exposed than you thought.

Look out for phishing scams

Just as our phishing page indicates, there are emails, texts and other messages meant to trick you into giving over highly sensitive financial information. At a glance, they might seem legitimate. Always beware. If a message seems at all suspicious, do not click on the links or follow through with any of the call to actions.

Watch your debit and credit card accounts for fraud

Monitoring your accounts regularly is one of the best ways to spot unusual activity. You can also go to where you can obtain one free credit report from each other the three major credit-reporting bureau’s yearly. We at Community First will also monitor your accounts for any fraudulent activity. Still, be sure to report any unauthorized activity that you notice as well.

Rev. 11.22