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How Community First Protects You

icon of a shieldFraud Analysis

We use fraud monitoring tools to monitor your account for suspicious transactions and activity to help protect you against the fraudsters. If we detect any unusual purchasing patterns or locations, we may deny or hold a transaction until we’re sure it’s valid. Learn more about different types of fraud to look out for and how to report it within our Fraud Resources section.

icon of a lock over a laptopSecure Browsing

Our website, mobile app, and other digital channels use secure protocols to ensure data transmissions are secure.

icon of a number padDevice Verification

When using our online and mobile banking, you can register your own computers and mobile devices so we know when your account is being accessed from non-registered equipment. We will ask additional security questions from non-registered devices to confirm the log-in is really you.

icon of a lock over a credit cardEMV Chip Technology

Community First Visa debit and credit cards offer the added security of EMV chip technology. EMV chip cards are the global standard for card security, offering improved protection against fraud wherever this technology is accepted.

icon of a walletMobile Wallets

With a Community First account, you can use mobile wallet technologies like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, which use tokenization to provide additional security. You can use your Community First Visa debit or credit card to pay for purchases using these mobile wallets or other digital wallets like Visa Checkout.

icon of a laptopData Privacy

Community First has physical, electronic and procedural privacy safeguards in place that comply with federal regulations and reflect financial industry best practices. Learn more about how we protect your personal information by reading our privacy policy.

icon of two debit cardsActivEdge readers on the ATMs

Community First Credit Union's ATMs are outfitted with the most updated, secure technology, ActiveEdge readers, to protect your card information. ActiveEdge makes it virtually impossible for your debit card to be skimmed for card information. This security technology deters criminals from using skimming devices and installing card-trapping devices on our ATMs. The privacy and security of our members is our number one priority.