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Automatic Bill Payments at Community First

Automatic Bill Payments at Community First

Organize Your Budget and Avoid Late Fees with Automatic Payments

Automatic Payments at Community First

Auto Payments provide the convenience of electronically depositing and/or withdrawing money from your account at set dates and times. You can establish automatic payments for income tax returns, paychecks, retirement checks or to schedule payments for insurance and or utilities.

Sign Up for Electronic Automatic Payments

Automatic Credit or Debit through ACH

When establishing an automatic credit or debit on your account, the company you are setting up the payment with will ask for the Routing Transit Number and your account number.

To protect yourself from fraud, make sure you know the company you are doing business with before giving out your account number.

Automatic Payment Error Resolution

If you think your statement is incorrect or if you need more information about a transfer on the statement, please contact us no later than 60 days from the day you were sent the first statement on which the problem or error appeared.

If the charge is in error, please call our Member Contact Center at 904.354.8537 (toll free 800.342.8416) or visit any of our convenient branch locations.

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