Fraud Alert: Caller ID / Phone Spoofing Scam: Several members have reported receiving phone calls from what appears to be Community First (on Caller ID). This is fraud. As a reminder, Community First will never make an outbound call to ask you for your personal information. If you receive any phone calls and the caller claims to be from Community First and asks you for your personal information, please hang up, call us at 904-354-8537, and report this as fraud. Thank you.

Account Alerts

Having peace of mind is critical when it comes to your online banking experience. When you create an alert through Online Banking, you specify the conditions that trigger the alert, so you stay on top of what’s important to you. You can set up alerts for any deposit account, to alert you when your balance is low, what your transaction history is, and more! Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to set up Account Alerts.

Set up your Account Alerts here

Alerts you can set up:

Account Alerts: There should be no surprises when it comes to your finances. Account Alerts can notify you when the balances in your accounts goes above or below a number you specify.

Credit Card Fraud Alerts:  We can help monitor your account activity and quickly identify potentially fraudulent transactions. Get instantly alerted via SMS text, which may be followed by digital voice calls, when possible fraudulent activity is detected on your account. Learn more

Date Alerts: Just like marking a calendar, you can set up alerts to remind you of specific dates or events.

History Alerts: If you’re ever concerned about amount limits or pending checks, you can create History Alerts to contact you when a check number posts or transactions meet an amount you choose.

Online Transaction Alerts: Different types of transactions can occur in your accounts. By creating Transaction Alerts, you can be notified when various transfers, payments or debits post to your account.