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Offer Community First Credit Union’s moveUP Financial Wellness Program to your employees and help them achieve financial confidence.

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  • Comprehensive financial education at no additional cost to our partners
  • Covers topics from budgeting to planning for retirement and everything in between
  • Customized to your organization and existing wellness plans
  • Highly interactive
  • Access to top financial experts to help your employees make better financial decisions
  • One-on-one confidential financial coaching
  • Products and services to support your employees’ needs

Overview of our process:


We use a short survey to evaluate and analyze the financial stress of your workforce. Then, we use the responses to create a customized Financial Wellbeing Report for your organization. Within the report is a suggested curriculum and recommendations for how to alleviate financial stress.


Based on the results of the survey, we create a customized curriculum to help alleviate your employees’ financial stress. This ensures that we are teaching on topics that are important and impactful for your employees. This can be accomplished through lunch and learns, onsite seminars/workshops (before or after hours), webinars, online modules, wellness challenges, etc. These events usually occur once a quarter to help with engagement and participation in the program.


We help your employees apply the learnings to their individual situations. We offer one-on-one confidential financial coaching to your employees to help them create customized plans to improve their financial situations. This allows us to take the procrastination out of the equation and help your employees where they are. These appointments can occur at your worksite or in many of our Jacksonville-area locations.