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From deciding how to structure your business, to determining what funding sources are available to you, a lot goes into managing the finances for your business.

As one of the largest credit unions in Northeast Florida, we’re focused on helping you along the way. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of helpful resources that will empower you to make smart money moves and bank the easy way.

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Business Resources

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Getting Started

Establishing a new business or even expanding an existing business can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a collection of basic resources that many of our small businesses require in the early stages of starting a business.

Know before you grow and check out this list of valuable information:

Money Maintained

We work hard providing you with convenient tools that make managing your business finances easy, so that you can work hard on growing your business.

Here is a list of essential tools you’ll need to maintain your business finances:

Money In / Money Out

Send and receive money the easy way. We have a variety of options to help you move money, save money, and pay bills. Whether you’re looking for ways to help your money grow, or an easy way to pay a vendor, we have what you need to make your business a success.

Here is a list of valuable resources you can use to save, spend, and pay:

Money Managed

Managing your money is easier than you think. At Community First, we provide a variety of business banking services and business loans that give you the resources you need to manage your business on your terms.

Here are some helpful resources for managing your business finances:

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