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Are You Using Online Banking? Here’s Why You Should.

By: April Payne, Digital Banking Manager

Posted on 12/31/2018 3:00:00 PM

Online Banking is the easiest, safest, and most convenient way to manage your money. Did you know you can use your Online Banking app to securely send money to friends and family, find out your net worth, deposit checks, freeze a lost or stolen card, pay bills, and set up custom account activity alerts? If you’re not using Online Banking, you’re missing out on the fastest way to get a finger on the pulse of your banking accounts. In this article, we’re going to look at all the features of Community First Online Banking and how you can use it to easily manage your accounts.

Manage All Your Account Information With Online Banking

See Your Account Activity

One of the most prominent features of Online Banking is the ability to see all your account activity on the go. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, a mobile phone, or even an app, you can easily see account balances, and pending and approved transactions.

Set Up Custom Alerts

Want to know when your account falls below a certain balance? Want to know when a certain type of transaction posts? With Online Banking, you can set up custom alerts and choose whether you want to receive notifications by email, text, or phone call. It has never been easier or more convenient to keep up with your account activity.

See Your Account History

Accessing your entire account history used to be quite a chore, but with Online Banking, you can look at your account history and see exactly when a transaction posted. You can also search for transactions by name and download copies of your account history for a designated time period.

Perform Transactions Using Online Banking

Make a Deposit – Mobile Deposit

Gone are the days of driving to the bank every time you have to deposit a check. When you download the mobile app, you can easily take a photo of your check and deposit the money in real time. Making a mobile deposit is easy, convenient, and secure.

Send Money to Friends and Family

There are a lot of money transfer apps out there, but how do you know which one to choose? Community First Quick Pay makes it extremely convenient and secure to instantly send and receive money right from your phone. Unlike other money apps, you’ll need to enter your debit card PIN to make a transaction, making it an extremely safe option, and the money transfers within seconds.

Transfer Money

Online Banking saves you a trip to the bank in a lot of ways, and one stand-out feature is being able to transfer money with the click of a button. Transferring money used to mean a phone call or visit to the bank, but now you can transfer money between accounts or even to outside accounts.

Pay Your Bills

If you’re still receiving all your bills in the mail or even in your inbox and you’re taking the time to sort through them and send payments, you’re missing out on a much easier way to manage your bills. Bill Pay allows you to receive all your statements in one place, schedule payments or set up automatic payments, and even access your bill pay history. How and when you pay your bills is still in your control, but it’s all conveniently managed through your Online Banking portal.

Mobile Wallet

A mobile or digital wallet is a convenient and safe way to store your debit or credit cards without having to physically carry them with you. It’s a much safer option than using a physical card, which can be skimmed. Mobile wallets are available on all smartphone devices including iPhones, Androids, and Samsungs.

Online Banking is Safe

Freeze Lost or Stolen Cards

It’s a scary situation – you’re out to dinner with your family, but when you return home, you realize you dropped your wallet somewhere along the way. Seconds count in these situations, and you don’t want to spend it on the phone calling your bank. With online and mobile banking, freezing your lost or stolen card is as easy as a click of a button or a couple taps on your screen.

Set Up Custom Security Alerts

Want to know when an external transfer has been authorized on your account? Feel safe knowing that you’ll be immediately alerted if there’s a change to the personal information on your account? With Online Banking, you can quickly set up custom security alerts to be notified by text, email, or phone call about the security information you care most about.

Manage All Your Personal Finances (PFM)

View Reports

The Community First PFM Reporting feature lets you get a quick, visual overview of your most important account insights, such as your net worth, budget spend, spending trends, and debt payoffs. Totally customizable, you can get as detailed as you want so you can easily track and manage your finances.

Automatically Categorize Transactions

One feature that often makes PFM tools seem more like a chore than an advantage is categorizing transactions. Often tedious and frustrating, many users give up on tracking their spending habits because of the inconvenience. With the Community First PFM tool, all it takes is a brief initial set up and your transactions will be automatically categorized.

For most transactions, research, and account management, it’s no longer necessary to spend your precious time driving to or calling the bank. Community First's Online and Mobile Banking platforms are the easiest and most convenient ways to safely manage your finances. You can easily get set up right now.

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