Fraud Alert: Caller ID / Phone Spoofing Scam: Several members have reported receiving phone calls from what appears to be Community First (on Caller ID). This is fraud. As a reminder, Community First will never make an outbound call to ask you for your personal information. If you receive any phone calls and the caller claims to be from Community First and asks you for your personal information, please hang up, call us at 904-354-8537, and report this as fraud. Thank you.

Convenience Banking

At Community First Credit Union, we are committed to the needs of all of our members. Convenience Banking allows you to enjoy a wide range of accounts and services designed to make banking easier and more convenient for everyone.

In Person

You have full access to your Community First accounts at any of our branch locations. When you visit our branches, our employees will make you feel right at home and will be able to assist you with your needs.

At Home

We’ve made it easier for our members to bank anytime, anywhere. Experience the ease and security of managing your account from your home or office with the use of online banking and Info 24

At the ATM

We’re always working to enhance our site and increase accessibility and usability for all of our members.

  • Voice guidance through the audio jack for visually impaired cardholders to use ear buds.
  • Braille keypads
  • ATM and Branch Locations