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Primary Savings at Community First

Opening a Savings Account is the First Step Toward Your Life Long Financial Partnership with Community First

Start Your Lifelong Financial Partnership with Community First

Primary Share Savings Accounts at Community First offer more than a simple way to save money. A new savings account at Community First is an invitation to partner with a credit union that is dedicated to serving its community and its members.

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It only takes $5 to open and maintain a basic savings account and membership at Community First. These accounts pay a competitive dividend rate on balances over $100 (dividends are compounded and paid monthly). If this is your account with Community First, a $50 balance is required to avoid a small monthly maintenance fee.

Requirements for a Community First Primary Savings:

  • $5 minimum deposit to open and maintain
  • $50 minimum to avoid a monthly maintenance fee if this is your only account
  • $100 balance to earn dividends

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Community First can help you set aside savings for a special occasion - be it a new car, a down payment for a home, an engagement ring, or your dream vacation - and the account will never be charged a fee. Special purpose savings accounts receive a competitive dividend rate as long as they maintain a minimum balance of $100. Dividends are compounded and paid monthly.

Sign up for Automatic Transfer, and start saving for your special purpose today!

Requirements are:

  • $25 minimum deposit to open and maintain
  • $100 balance to earn dividends

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