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Mobile Banking From Community First

Convenient, secure, fast and free.

Mobile Banking at Community First is free, convenient and secure. Download our mobile app to get instant access checking, savings, credit card, mortgage, loan and other Community First account info today.

iPhone App
Android App

Mobile App: Use your smartphone to check account balances, view transactions histories, transfer funds, make payments, find ATMs or even perform personal financial information assessments on the go with handy balance and expense graphs. 

Mobile Web: Use any mobile device with web capabilities to instantly access account balances, see detailed transaction histories, make loan payments, transfer money between your accounts or even locate your nearest branch or ATM.

Mobile Deposits:  Deposit checks using your phone's camera, see your mobile deposit history and view the status of your deposits. View the Mobile Deposits disclosure here.

Mobile Bill Pay: Pay bills from a mobile device quickly and easily within Mobile Banking. Simply download and log into the MobileApp on your smartphone or use MobileWeb and choose the 'Pay Bills' option to set up payments today.

Mobile Text: Use your phone's text messaging feature to check account balances, view transaction history, or even transfer funds on the go. This free service is available to all Community First members enrolled in Online Banking with a mobile device that have SMS text messaging service.

Text Alerts from Mobile: SMS (text) alerts are also available from the mobile application.  You can set these alerts up for all shares or a specific share you choose.  You are able to get alerts on daily summaries, balances below a certain amount you specify and balances you specify that change.

Email Alerts: These alerts allow you to stay connected with all of your Community First account activity and receive special notifications via email on your mobile device.

You can opt-in to receive email alerts about: Balance & Transaction Activity, Checks Cleared Alerts, Account Login Alerts and much more!

Email alerts are available to all Community First members enrolled in Online Banking. Click on 'Messages/Alerts' from your Online Banking dashboard and choose the 'Manage Alerts.' You may add alerts individually by selecting them via radio buttons and clicking the 'Add Subscription' button. Repeat for each additional alert you like to add. 

Signing up for Mobile Text Banking can be completed in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

Sign in to Text Messaging Access using your Online Banking Credentials

Step 2:

Follow in the on-screen instructions to register your mobile device

Step 3:

You are now ready to use Text Banking!

Note: Please use your account number when you log into the site to register your device.
Learn more about Community First mobile text banking commands and FAQs here.

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Need Help? Download Android App Instructions (PDF)