We will be closed in observance of Christmas Day Mon., Dec. 25th and New Year's Day Mon., Jan. 1, 2018
The UNF Branch will be closed Dec.18th – Jan. 2nd  during the UNF Holiday Break/Finals.

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Online Account Security with Community First

Online Account Security with Community First

Our Primary Focus is Keeping Your Private Information Safe and Secure

Community First is committed to preserving your financial safety and security. We utilize trusted, proven technology to protect your personal information and your financial transactions. Our seasoned analysts and investigators are dedicated to analyzing account activity and communicate with members immediately when they observe potential fraudulent activity.

Our secure online banking tools are designed to provide you with added convenience without compromising your peace of mind. We continually enhance our security features to make sure your online banking experience is safe and secure.

Security Steps Community First Takes to Ensure That You are on Our Official Site

When you first access Online Banking, you will be asked to choose a personal image from one of thousands of images. You will also be asked to provide us with brief text to help identify the image you have chosen.

Whenever you attempt to log in to Online Banking, the personal image you selected and associated text will appear before you enter your password. If you do not see this, please try logging in again. Perhaps there was a typo during log in. If you know that your login is correct, and you still do not see the image and text you selected, please e-mail or call a Member Service Representative at 904.354.8537 or 800.342.8416. Please remember — seeing your personal image and text lets you know that you are in our official Online Banking site.

Security Measures Community First Takes to Ensure You are Accessing Our Official Site

Identity thieves can’t know every detail of your personal life. We designed a series of security questions for you to complete in order to safeguard against impersonators.

To get started, you’ll choose three simple questions. The questions are easy to answer and may ask you about small personal details, such as "What was the name of your first pet?" or "What high school did you attend?" By providing the answers to these questions, you'll give us information that will help verify your identity. Your answers will be used, along with select account information, as added protection when certain conditions exist that trigger an increased security concern.

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