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Balance Financial Fitness Program

At Community First Credit Union, we care about your financial wellness. That's why we've partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide you with free access to expertly-crafted financial education and resources to help with your fiscal matters. BALANCE can assist with no-cost financial counseling services to help you develop a sensible budget managing spending and debt. For all your financial life stage changes and more, we-in partnership with BALANCE - are here to help. 

Your Path to Financial Fitness Starts Here

Debt and Budget Coaching

While there are hundreds of "debt counseling" organizations across the country, BALANCE is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and have agreed to quality standards that include accreditation, certification of counselors, audits and core policies that ensure quality service. They offer a Debt Management Plan, and are committed to providing comprehensive money management education and counseling. 

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Credit Report Review

BALANCE counseling services range from money management to housing to debt management and everything in between. BALANCE counselors are certified credit report reviewers. They are here to give you the right guidance and support, whatever your financial situation. 

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Student Loan Coaching

Borrowing to pay for college is the easy part. Repaying the debt is much harder. BALANCE is ready to work with you in a one-on-one student loan counseling session. 

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Homeownership Coaching

Housing can be an overwhelming subject to tackle on your own, whether you are dreaming of owning your first home, or struggling to make mortgage payments on your current home. BALANCE counselors are readily available to help you make sense of it all. 

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Rental Coaching

BALANCE offers free education on building credit and becoming a desirable tenat. Their specialized rental counselors will help you develop a personalized spending plan and provide you with advice for saving money, increasing income and reducing debt. 

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Bankruptcy Coaching

BALANCE helps clients that have trouble keeping up with bills and find themselves spiraling out of control with debt that seems impossible to repay. BALANCE is here to help get those get a handle on debt, while creating a solution that can help them back to stability. 


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Learn the basics of personal finance with the BalanceTrack educational modules. Register for a free user account or log in to get started.

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Use MyBalance to create a budget plan that helps you achieve your financial goals.

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Get in Balance

Learn to manage your checking account with the Get in Balance educational module. Register for a free user account or log in to get started.

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Contact Information and Call-In Hours

To speak with a counselor, call BALANCE at 888.456.2227 ot email (Please do not email any sensitive information including your account numbers or social security number.) Counselors are available to assist you during these business hours:

5am - 8pm Monday through Thursday EST

5am - 8pm Friday EST

8am-5pm Saturday EST