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Let your imagination run wild as you become a National Geographic explorer and embark on an epic adventure to discover new species, study animal behavior, and learn about the important roles technology and innovation play in making and documenting these discoveries. The Museum of Science & History (MOSH) hosts a highly interactive, hands-on exhibition, National Geographic Presents Earth Explorerswhich allows visitors to learn and use methods employed by National Geographic explorers in the field.    

The exhibition, running from May 28 through September 9, 2018, features six themed and immersive environments, each with engaging areas to explore and activities to entertain and educate visitors. The six areas: Base Camp, Polar Regions, Oceans, Rain Forests, Mountains & Caves, and African Savannas bring the unparalleled adventures of National Geographic to life. Visitors will learn about the daring men and women who venture into dangerous and remote parts of the world to discover new places, help protect our planet’s biodiversity, and unearth new scientific discoveries.

Base Camp
Guests will start their adventure by climbing aboard an off-road vehicle like those used by filmmakers and scientists in the field. The vehicle will contain video monitors showing actual footage captured by explorers in the ecosystems featured in the exhibit.

CHILL: The Polar Regions
Guests will experience life on ice in Earth’s extreme polar regions. Covered with icicles, battered by winds and harsh weather, an Arctic cabin invites hands-on discovery about surviving and thriving in the polar regions.

DIVE: The Oceans
Guests will find out if they can handle life under pressure in the oceans eco-zone, where they will descend into the deep in a replica 3-D submersible. Mysteries of life under pressure and at great depths are revealed through stunning National Geographic videos. 

TREK: The Rain Forests
Guests can hang out in a prep tent for a fun, self-guided discovery about life in the tropical rain forests—the wet, wild, and wonderful ecosystem that provides much of the air we breathe, safeguards Earth’s incredible biodiversity and may well hold the key to new life-saving remedies. 

CLIMB: Mountains and Caves
Guests descend closer to the Earth’s core and ascend to its highest peaks. They can climb a mountain and learn about the animals that make their homes there and explore a crystal cave featuring an activity that will allow users to touch and illuminate a selection of crystals. 

SOAR: The Savanna
Guests can take a hot air balloon ride to witness “Life On the Move.” Through seamless video production, surround sound and other atmospheric effects, guests will have the sensation of flying over the savanna where wild herds still roam. 

National Geographic Presents Earth Explorers is produced by GES Events in partnership with National Geographic. The traveling exhibition is supported locally by Community First Credit Union, City of Jacksonville, Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, and the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs.