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We’re giving you 1.9% APR* on balance transfers through July 2020 (limited time offer)
+ No balance transfer fee!**

What would you do with extra cash this New Year? Take advantage of your exclusive balance transfer offer by calling us at 1.866.820.3867 (24 hours per day), or by logging into our Mobile Banking app.

Now’s the time to combine holiday debt with 1.9% APR through July 2020 on all Balance Transfers made through March 2019. Plus enjoy No Balance Transfer fee. After July 2020, the rate for unpaid balances will revert back to your normal variable APR (view your credit card statement for your current rate). Now’s the time to take control of your finances and transfer your high rate credit card balances.

  • 1.9% APR through July 2020 on balances transferred by March 2019
  • No balance transfer fee
  • No penalty rate

Act fast. This is a limited time offer!

There are two easy ways to transfer your balances:

Log in to Online Banking | Or call us at  1.866.820.3867

Services → Credit Card services→Your Card→Balance Consolidation

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 1.9% APR through the July 2020 billing period on balance transfers made January 1 through March 31, 2019. The 1.9% APR rate is good through the July 2020 billing statement period. After the July 2020 billing statement period, unpaid balances revert to your regular card rate (view your most recent credit card statement for your rate). Balance transfers will be processed as cash transactions and will incur finance charges immediately. The minimum payment will be applied to lowest rate balances first while all payments exceeding the minimum payment due each billing period will be applied to balances with high APRs prior to balances with low APRs. Current Community First CU credit card balances are not eligible for the promotion. Rewards points are not awarded for transferred balances. For more details, please refer to the credit card agreement accompanying your card. ** The regular annual percentage you pay is based on a periodic review of your account and credit history. Please refer to your truth-in-lending statement