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UChoose Rewards Retailer Program

UChoose Rewards Retailer Program

Capture your share of consumer spend.

You're invited to become a UChoose Rewards® participating retailer. Join a unique program that will market your business, increase your sales, and bring in new customers. When cardholders shop at your store, they'll earn rewards which can be redeemed for products, travel, activities and more.

What does UChoose Rewards® offer you?

  • A new channel to acquire customers and have existing customers spend more at your location.
  • No upfront fees and no risk - you fund rewards only when customers shop at your store(s)
  • Flexible offers that allow you to determine the offer amounts and minimum purchase requirements
  • Easy implementation with no training or system changes

How does UChoose Rewards® work?

  • Cardholders use a Financial Institution's credit and/or debit card at your store(s)
  • We match your offer to the cardholder using the merchant ID numbers provided on Visa®/MasterCard® transactions
  • Rewards are distributed automatically into cardholder accounts
  • You receive an invoice of qualifying transactions, with transaction details for auditing
  • Funds are exchanged via ACH
  • No staff training, system changes, POS involvement, or coupons are needed

Become a UChoose Rewards Participating Retailer

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