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You now have the ability to receive debit card fraud alerts by text! In the past, when suspicious transactions occurred (such as purchases in unexpected places), we’d let you know with a phone call. If you choose to enroll, you’ll be notified by text. You’ll also be able to respond to let us know if a transaction is legitimate or fraudulent. If you don't want to receive text alerts, we will still call if suspicious activity occurs.

How do I enroll?

You will receive an enrollment text message from Community First. The text message will ask you to opt-in for the debit card fraud alerts via text by replying “YES”.

207-33: C1CUFL Card Fraud Alerts activation text. Reply YES to confirm your enrollment, HELP for help, STOP to cancel texting. Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

If you do not want to enroll in receiving Debit Card Fraud Alerts, reply “STOP” to cancel.

If you reply “YES”, you will receive a welcome text from C1CUFL, which will thank you for enrolling.

C1CUFL Card Fraud Alerts. Thank you for enrolling. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

What happens once I enroll?

Once enrolled, if a transaction is flagged as suspicious, you will receive a text message informing you of the transaction. You will be given the opportunity to respond to the text message to indicate if the transaction was authorized or fraudulent.

C1CUFL Fraud Alert: Did you attempt Transaction on debit card ending in 1234 at Macy’s in CA for $25.62? Reply YES or NO.

Based on your reply, you will receive the one of the following messages:

If you reply NO:

C1CUFL: You’ve indicated an unauthorized charge on your card ending in 1234. A temporary hold may have been placed on your card. Please call immediately 1-877-253-8962.

If you reply YES and your card is in active status, you will receive the following response:

C1CUFL: Thank you for your response.  We’ll continue to monitor your card for unusual activity.

If you reply YES and your card is in a restricted status, you will receive the following response:

C1CUFL:  Thank you for your response.  We’ll contact you when the temporary hold on your card has been removed. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

More information

If you wish to learn more about the debit card monitoring, please contact us at 800.342.8416