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Scott Fortune’s Story

Attorney Scott Fortune runs his own law firm, Fortune Law, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. His area of expertise is in Employment Law. He has represented more than 1,000 employees as plaintiffs in employment discrimination cases in addition to dozens of plaintiffs in personal injury cases.

In 2014, Scott decided to refinance the commercial mortgage that he had at another bank. As Scott states, “Our bank had our first mortgage on this office building and the rate was very high. I had been with my bank for over 20 years and I didn't even know it was very high until the representative from Community First told me when their rate was. So, we refinanced with Community First and we made the term of the loan shorter and the payments were still lower than what they had been on a longer-term loan.” This refinance not only helped Scott lower his interest rate, but also helps him pay off the loan quicker.

In 2015, Scott made the important decision to obtain a business line of credit from Community First. “Having a line of credit is important because we have to spend money on our cases in order to represent our clients properly,” he said. “Some clients can pay their costs as they go, but some cannot, and I don't want to have to compromise on the manner in which I'm going to represent a client because I don't have the funds available to hire an investigator or to hire an expert witness that we might need,” Scott explained.

In 2016, Scott also used Community First’s commercial lending services to obtain a business vehicle loan at a great interest rate. Scott also holds his business checking account with Community First. He enjoys using Online Banking for Business, Bill Pay, and frequents the Beach branch.

More than anything, Scott values the personal relationship he has with his Commercial Lending Officer, John Keeley. “I’d like to tell you the difference between working with Community First and the other banks that I've worked with,” said Scott during a recent interview. “Community First has provided a single banker who has taken the time to establish a relationship with me. He knows about my son. He knows about my wife. And when he was here in the building earlier today, he asked me about my son. I've never had a banker in my building, period, until Community First came along. And I didn't know those kind of relationships were even possible.”