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How Millennials Can Make the American Dream a Reality in 2017

Lack of millennial buyers is one of the trends that is causing homeownership in the United States to dip to an all-time low, but there are many reasons millennials are hesitating to purchase.

how millenials can make the american dream a reality

With the housing crisis still fresh in their minds, some millennials struggle to see a pathway to home ownership.  While 91 percent of millennials report intentions to buy one day, getting there without a plan can be challenging.

Homeownership in the US recently hit an all-time low, and the lack of millennial buyers is seen as one of the reasons for the dip.

Homeownership Rate Year
62% 2016
68% 2008
69% 2004
65% 1980

Why Are Millennials Likely to Wait to Buy a Home?

Aftereffects of the Great Recession

  • Lenders became more stringent about who qualifies for a mortgage. As a result, one in three millennials does not meet credit standards to get a mortgage.
  • Homeowners who lost equity during the Great Recession stayed put, creating a shortage of homes on the market.

Other Financial Obligations

  • The average college graduate in 2016 had $37,173 in student debt.
  • In 2015, the living wage in the United States was $15.12 per hour, but minimum wage in most states is below this, making it hard to save for a down payment.
  • Childcare expenses total 20 percent of the average family’s budget, more than transportation (19 percent), food (17 percent) and health (11 percent).

Lack of Awareness

  • 73 percent of millennials don’t know about low down payment options for home buyers.
  • Many programs exist to help with purchasing a home:
    • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grants
    • State Housing Finance Agency Lending Programs
    • Federal Housing Administration First Time Homebuyer Programs
    • Energy Efficient Mortgages
    • USDA Mortgage Program

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